Nova Tec

Теплотехническая продукция, строительно-отделочные машины, бестраншейные технологии

Nova Tec

Теплотехническая продукция, строительно-отделочные машины, бестраншейные технологии

About Us

For the moment ООО «Gydroprom» LLC combines production and selling of three types of products:

  • heat engineering production (electrical water heaters, geysers and boilers);
  • machines for treatment of wooden, tile, concrete floors;
  • machines for trenchless laying and change of utility lines.

Heat engineering production

The Nova Tec heat engineering is produced since 2001. Gas-flow heaters are overcome the samples of technique from Western Europe by number of factors at the account of leading-edge technologies and materials and high end design. There are high-grade components used for kitting-up of electrical water heaters from manufacturers who shown themselves to great advantage.

The team of Nova Tec consists of qualified scientists, engineers and production designers. All employed workers pass special training. Using of automation allows achieving maximal efficiency in operation. Our production brings warm and comfort in houses since 2001.

Сonstruction and finishing machinery

Plant for manufacturing of treating machines for wooden, tile, concrete floors and machines for trenchless laying and change of utility lines has more than 50-years history.

More than 50 years «Gydroprom» LLC which was the “Odessa`s plant of construction-finishing machinery” plc. produce high-quality construction and finishing machinery for treatment of wooden, tile and concrete floors. The goods of plant were awarded by medals and diplomas many times on international exhibitions. The quality and performance of equipment are confirmed by results of tests for correspondence to world standards.

Trenchless equipment

One of the most important types of products being manufactured is equipment for trenchless technologies: reversible pneumodrifts, wells drifting and pipes ramming-in machines, equipment systems for trenchless change of pipe lines.

The production of plant is exported to more than 30 CIS countries, Europe, and Asia.

Today «Gydroprom» LLC offer wide range of modern and competitive technique of premium quality. «Gydroprom» LLC has a network of affiliates throughout Ukraine. In any region of country you will be friendly met by our staff, get help for quick and efficient resolving of any question, obtain professional consultations and training.

Nova Tec — It is a warranty and after-warranty service at highest standards.

Nova Tec — It is a trust being conquest from our partners and clients.

Nova Tec — It is an excellent business reputation which undergo test by time.