Nova Tec

Теплотехническая продукция, строительно-отделочные машины, бестраншейные технологии

Nova Tec

Теплотехническая продукция, строительно-отделочные машины, бестраншейные технологии

Trenchless technologies

Catalog trenchless equipment


The advantages of trenchless technologies.

Trenchless technologies provide for the execution of the liner and repair of communications with the least expenses of material and physical means, allowing to eliminate the costs of restoring adjacent areas and reduce the time of work.

Trenchless technologies are used when carrying out the following activities:

  • underground cabling of any type;
  • the laying of oil-, gas-, heating conductors;
  • laying of Sewerage and water supply;
  • the formation of piles and pile constructions, wells and boreholes;
  • the consolidation of the vaults of underground structures;
  • replacement of pipes – the destruction of the old and simultaneous construction of new.



The purpose of the equipment.

Machines are designed to perform the following activities:

  • the formation of compacted soils through and blind horizontal, inclined and vertical boreholes with a diameter of 55-155mm;
  • the formation through the horizontal and inclined wells with a diameter up to 300 mm (with extender), and tightening simultaneously with the excavation the polyethylene pipes with a diameter 63-250 mm;
  • clogging of the soil or pre-punched hole steel pipes (open or closed end) with outer diameter from 63 up to 1420 mm;
  • the formation of the soil cement and concrete pipelines, concrete and reinforced concrete piles;
  • loosening compacted bulk materials;
  • deep compaction of loose soils and sediment;
  • you can use the machine to extract soil from pipes with inner diameter from 40mm to 120mm;
  • the pulling of the pipes.


The principle of operation of equipment TM “NOVA TEС”:

The borehole drilling is carried out at the account of deformation (consolidation) of soil to the sides from well bore axis.
Area practical noted deformations of soil does not exceed from three to five diameters of the wells (tubes).
The accuracy of sinking depends on correctness of aiming during start-up and properties of soil.
The rate of penetration of a borehole depends on the diameter and properties of the soil.



Advantages equipment of TM “NOVA TEC”